ABLPACK 248ML/8.3 OZ Rectangular shape aluminum foil baking tray with pet lid sandwich box

Short Description:

AP248 aluminum foil baking tray, Top out :196*94mm,7.5*3.6in, Base:172*62mm,6.6*2.4in ,height:22mm/0.9in, can hold 248ml / 8.3 oz of food, Most customers like this size, as a container for cakes, scones, sandwich box and some local traditional food, it can make your food packaging more perfect. It can be matched with a completely transparent PET lid, which can better transport and preserve food, very beautiful.

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Product name

 aluminum foil container

Model number



Top out

196*94 mm


172*62 mm






248 ml / 8.3 oz


Multi colors


3003 / 8011


 PET/PP lid


1000 pcs / ctn


1 carton each color


provide free samples, just need charge the courier cost of samples

Payment term

T/T, L/C, need negotiable with each other

Delivery time

Most of models and colors we have enough quantity in stock. This is why our MOQ is so low, Please confirm with salesman before placing an order.


Based on your needs, we can develop new sizes, shapes and colors, including the type of lid you need.

You can ask for samples from the salesman, and you can also ask for an up-to-date catalogue, which is convenient for you to choose the model and color you need in the future.

Product Advantages

Certificate: Our company has obtained the national aluminum product food packaging material safety certificate, and has passed the US FDA certification, the EU SGS certification, and the ISO9001 certification enterprise. We are committed to providing customers with professional advice and services, using harmless, non-polluting, renewable and environmentally friendly materials, emphasizing food safety, and pursuing overall product quality.

PERFECT SIZE: Top out :196*94mm,7.5*3.6in, Base:172*62mm,6.6*2.4in ,height:22mm/0.9in, can hold 248ml / 8.3 oz

MOQ: Almost all items are in stock, so if in stock, one case per color will do. But the more you order, the better the price we can offer.
Easy to use: You can use it directly in the oven and microwave, but you can't bake in an empty cup, you have to put something in the container to bake, or you can put the container on some insulator.

We can provide customized services. We have three different types of prints. One is a sticker/label, then a logo printed on the container or foil lid, the last one is embossed (pictured), you can tell me which way you prefer and send your logo to the salesperson.

It is suitable for restaurants, picnics, BBQs and other places that need to pack food containers. Food grade aluminum foil paper produced by advanced technology. It can be heated directly in the microwave/oven, but remember to open the lid before heating, not in an empty box.

Since then, people often use it for pasta, baked rice, BBQ, seafood and other cooked food. Not only cooked food, but the fresh market also uses it because it prolongs the shelf life of food.

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