Disposable aluminum foil containers with lids

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At present, there are two kinds of aluminum foil containers, which are wrinkle wall aluminum foil container and smooth wall aluminum foil containers.

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Wrinkle wall aluminum foil container

The first is that the wrinkle wall aluminum foil container has a history of nearly 70 years from its inception to commercial mass production. The thickness ranges from 0.015-0.03mm. Most of them are sliver color. There are many types of thicknesses based on the size of the model. The size and size of the most circulating models are currently we have already developed and made molds. At present, we have more than 1900 pieces of wrinkle aluminum foil containers molds.

Smooth wall aluminum foil containers

The second is smooth wall aluminum foil containers. We have contacted and developed and tested the mass production of molds since 2008. The research and development is very difficult. The materials used are all 0.09-0.12mm thick materials with coating, which also gives the aluminum foil containers a special colors. And we are the first domestic company to start R&D and mass production of color smooth wall. As the factory of aluminum foil lunch boxes, with the development of time, we have more than 200 molds for wrinkle-free aluminum foil lunch boxes, and more than 80 colors to choose from, which greatly meets the needs of customers in various countries and regions. It has higher fastness than wrinkle, looks better, and can be used with sealed aluminum foil lids to make airtight lunch boxes.

The capacity of the produce ranges from 15ml to 10500 ml, round shape, rectangular shape, square shape, octagonal, and special shapes, with a total of more than 2000 models.

At present, our company has moved into a new warehouse with an area of 40,000 square meters. Most models and colors have a large amount of inventory, which supports fast delivery and low MOQ (10000pcs).

All products have passed SGS, FDA, ISO tests, and also support customers to do Kosher, Saber certificates, we provide free samples to all interested customers.

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