Q: Whether aluminum foil container can be customized or not?

A: Can be customized. Customization has different types, need to confirm with customer:

Size customization: Mold fee , depends on the size.


Q: Whether the lid can be printed or not?

A: Yes, printing has 3 types: one-color printing, two-color printing and multi-color printing.


Q: What is the maximum (low) temperature that your aluminum foil box can tolerate?

A: -40~280 degree

Q: Will the products be damaged during the transportation? And what is the guarantee?

A: Some may be damaged. We cannot guarantee 100% no damaged during transportation, but we try to protect our products from damage in many ways. For example, the carton is made of 5 layers of corrugated paper, which is strong and firm; Using EPE/bubble pad to protect the aluminum foil box; use the tray etc.

If you found there are some damages, please don’t worry, we can make those damaged quantity in your next order. please take photos of those damages to us. 

Q: Can do custom logo?

A: Yes, we can do custom printing, there are 4 types for logo printing:

     Cup fixed logo printing

     Cup no fixed logo printing

     Bottom embossing logo printing

     Lid embossing logo printing

Q: Will your products be high temperature sterilization?

A: Yes, the products are sterilized for 60 minutes under high temperature of 120 degrees.

Q: Can be put into the oven?

A: Yes, can be under 280 degree heat resistant.

Q: Can it be frozen?

A: Yes, can be frozen at -40 degrees ultra-low temperature.

Q: If it is possible to use in oven, microwave?

A: Yes, of course! That’s the outstanding advantage of our products. special technology processing makes our aluminum foil container possible enough to be heated in microwave oven.You can use it directly in oven and microwave, but it is based on that you should put filler in the containers, or you can put the containers on some insulators.

Right way to use it in microwave oven:

1.Open the lid before heating, cannot be heated with sealing.

2.The food should be full of the container ( at least 80% of the capacity of lunch box).

3.The lunch box should be in the center of the microwave.( Note: if your microwave is metallic, please put a ceramic or glass plate under the box).

4.The lunch box cannot touch the wall around the microwave oven.

5.Only one aluminum foil lunch box can be microwaved one time.

Q: In general, it will be spark when you put aluminum foil tray into microwave, why your container will not?

A: The common aluminum foil tray will be spark when you put aluminum foil tray into microwave, but our container will not, because it has been coated.

Q: Why the plastic lids don’t match the aluminum foil containers sometime?

A: The temperature of the workshop will affect the shrink rate of the plastic lid.

As the plastic lids are purchased from another factory, we will make up the ones which are not match the containers with no excuse.

Q: Why the smoothwall aluminum foil food containers can be sealed?

A: Actually the aluminum foil material is laminated with PP sheet, the PP layer is heat-melting under high temperature, if is the aluminum foil lid, so they can stick together.


A: Almost all items are in stock, so any quantity can be accept if it is in stock. But the more you order, the better price we can offer. if you need customize(size,color,logo...), the MOQ is different, almost 100,000-500,000pcs. but the final quantity we can discuss.

Q: Do you have ready stock ?

A: yes, we have almost all items in stock, except we are professional supplier,have our own factory. we produce big quantities every day.

Q: Are these products biodegradable ?

A: Aluminum foil container is environment-friendly,it is recycle, save and protect the natural resources and environment in using materials, it is our duty.but if it is recycle, Why not use it? why biodegradable ? we use food grade aluminum foil 8011 3003. Don't worry it.

Q: If colourful so its foil natural color & any harm ? when it heat at high temreture?

A: The colorful aluminum foil container is made of food grade lacquer, food grade aluminum, PP-flim.it is healthy, aluminum does not produce any harmful substances, and can directly contact with food.When it heat at high temreture, not fade at High-temreture, Heatable in Convection heating oven, Microwave oven.Reduing preparation time, saving energy.

Q: Will refrigeration or freezing cause any effect on the metal or the product inside the metal container?

A: No, it won’t many of our customer use it to pack food. cake,ice cream,catering food and so on. And our sealing aluminum foil container,the foil lid is strong sealing and easy to open.

Q: During heating, product should be slightly opened or can be total closed?

A: When you heating sealing foil container, you need slightly open it.

Q: If its sealed and with meals, can the product be kept in a heated chamber so people can immediately buy and eat?

A: Yes, it can heating with food in it. it’s very convenient for people to use it. you just need tear open a small hole(slightly open it).

Q: May i get free samples?

A: Yes, we can offer you free samples, in order to cooperate with you.but you need pay shipping cost.