The market prospect of aluminum foil lunch box.

As the country and society have stricter and stricter requirements on food safety and hygiene, and people’s awareness of saving resources has increased, aluminum foil lunch boxes, as green packaging materials, are becoming a new choice for the catering industry and food packaging. With the improvement of people’s consumption concept, whether the ordering or packing lunch box is an aluminum foil lunch box may become a new trend of catering consumption.


Now many countries have begun to use aluminum foil lunch boxes in catering, aviation, baking and other fields, and the market has gradually begun to expand. At present, the consumption of aluminum foil lunch boxes and packaging boxes is also showing a trend of rapid growth, which is more and more accepted by catering enterprises and consumers, indicating a broader application prospect.


The key application and promotion scope of aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers in the future include: kitchen fast food packaging and cold chain centralized distribution of large takeaway enterprises; takeaway fast food containers and after-dinner packaging containers for small and medium-sized catering enterprises; prepackaged food in food production enterprises, large supermarkets Prepackaged food, meat and cooked food are packaged separately; aluminum foil containers for western food and fast food restaurants; expand the use of aluminum foil lunch boxes in airline catering; develop the application of aluminum foil fast food boxes on high-speed rail and EMU; promote the use of aluminum foil meals in primary and secondary schools Boxes and trays; promoting the use of foil lunch boxes, plates and trays in hospitals, businesses, canteens and construction sites; promoting the use of foil fast food containers, plates and trays in parks, showrooms and large events; foil for catering establishments and home food processing Containers, foil trays for baking, grilling, etc.


In short, with its diversification and excellent performance, aluminum foil lunch boxes have become the best choice for the current and future to ensure food safety and hygiene, maintain life and health, save resources and energy, and practice green consumption. They have good application potential and broad market prospects.

Post time: Aug-22-2022