Takeout food containers with hot sealing aluminum lids

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Since countries began to issue plastic restriction orders, the use of aluminum foil lunch boxes has greatly increased. Different from ordinary ordinary aluminum foil, the golden-sealed aluminum foil lunch box we developed and produced has better ductility and preservation ability. After sealing, high temperature disinfection and sterilization can make the food achieve the effect of long-term preservation. As a takeaway lunch box, it can also greatly preserve the temperature and taste of the food.

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The application of high end aluminum foil container sealing machine and sealable container

The first is that the wrinkle wall aluminum foil container has a history of nearly 70 years from its inception to commercial mass production. The thickness ranges from 0.015-0.03mm. Most of them are sliver color. There are many types of thicknesses based on the size of the model. The size and size of the most circulating models are currently we have already developed and made molds. At present, we have more than 1900 pieces of wrinkle aluminum foil containers molds.

The feature

High-end aluminum foil sealing containers blend the advantages and technology of same type products in domestic and overseas. Beautiful, delicate and high-grade, easy to tear, it can be heated in microwave oven and oven directly, is opened then eat food, which meets fast speed life in modern city.

The container in safe and healthy, no oxidation, good sealing, especially suitable for packaging soup. Aluminum foil has strong bacteria barrier property and can be cooked under high temperature effectively to extend the shelf life of products, and escort for your health.

The thickness of high end containers is 1-1.5 times thicker than ordinary aluminum foil containers. Transport conveniently and won’t change their shape easily.

The capacity is from 15-5118ml, have many styles, and can do customized size, colors and logos, meet the different need of customers.

The container can be recycled, saving the energy and protecting environment!

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