Features of sealing machine suitable for sealing containers

The aluminum foil sealing machine uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to instantly generate high heat on the aluminum foil on the mouth of the bottle, and then melts it on the bottle mouth to achieve the function of the seal.

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Brief introduction

The sealing speed is fast, suitable for mass production; all stainless steel molds are formed, beautiful and generous; easy to use, good sealing quality.


Technical performance

The aluminum foil sealing machine uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to achieve the bonding of closed aluminum foil and bottle mouth. It is an ideal aluminum foil sealing equipment. The structure of the aluminum foil sealing machine is simple. It is a more ideal auxiliary production line equipment in China.



Packaged with items on the conveyor belt, the sealing part of the bag is automatically sent between the two seal bands in the operation, and brings into the heating area. Make the film soft and melt, and then use the cooling zone to decrease appropriately through the surface temperature of the film, and then roll over the flower wheel (or print wheel) to make the seal part of the plastic thin film bond and suppress the mesh pattern (or print the sign. ), Then send the sealed packaging bag out of the machine from the guide rubber belt and the conveyor belt to complete the sealing operation.


Principles and characteristics

1. This sealing machine is mainly used to seal the composite film material seal and plastic bag seal of the inner layer of the inner layer.

2. Compound film seal includes glass paper sealing, aluminum foil sealing, aluminum jet coating, polyester seal, nylon seal, polyethylene sealing, polypropylene seal and other materials.

3. The thickness of the film and the width of the seal can be applied within a certain range, and they can achieve good and uniform straight -line sealing.

4. Regardless of large bags, small bags, long bags, and short bags, continuous straight -line sealing can be performed to get satisfactory results.

5. This machine is exquisitely designed and simple operation.

6. This machine is encapsulated faster and efficient.

Post time: Oct-17-2022