The advantages of prepared meal and how to make them

People like to have dinner together, not only in restaurants but also with families. How to make a table of dishes with all the colors and flavors when the cooking skills are not good? With the changes of the times, the variety of prepared meal has become more abundant, and the channels for ordering meals have become more convenient.From the taste of the dishes to the appearance of the dishes, people who do not know how to cook can make a table of sumptuous dishes.

 prepared meal

What is a prepared meal

The so-called prepared meal refer to the advance processing finished or semi-finished products of various ingredients with auxiliary materials. Its advantages of saving time, saving ingredients, suitable weight, and distinct taste perfectly meet the food requirements of people in the lazy economy and the home economy.


Different from the traditional “quick-frozen food” which specializes in staple foods, prepared meal cover a wider range of categories, with richer flavors and more complete preservation of the flavors of ingredients. Compared with instant noodles and canned foods that extend the shelf life through frying and high temperature, prepared meal are more “healthy”. Through cold chain transportation or freeze-drying dehydration and other technologies, the shelf life of food can be extended with less damage to the nutritional structure.


Advantages of prepared meal

The difference between prepared meal and ordinary home cooking is that it eliminates the need to buy vegetables, wash vegetables, and cut vegetables. It does not need to spend too much time preparing food and cooking, which saves a lot of energy and is very convenient.


For catering operators, prepared meal can also save manpower, space and cost to a greater extent, and the meals are delivered quickly, and diners do not need to wait for a long time, especially for takeaways.


So what box do you use for pre-cooked dishes?

Now the most popular aluminum foil sealing container should be familiar to everyone. Place the prepared meal in a foil container and use a sealing lid to seal its and container together. Waiting for the customer to heat up is to open a part of the sealing lid and heat it.So convenient, so more popular.

Post time: Sep-13-2022