Colored aluminum baking cups with clear lids

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The color baking cup is made of aluminum foil material with a thickness of 90-120 mics. The surface is coated with different colors, which enriches the visual effect of the product. It is mainly used for cup cakes. It can also be used as a retail packaging containers for cup cakes, saving time and cost. All models can match the fully transparent PET lids, lids types include low flat PET lids, high flat PET lids, diamond lids, dome lids, some of models can use high temperature translucent PP lids. At the same time, we can also provide printing and production of matching stickers.

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Advantages of baking cups

1.Metallic, colorful, exquisite.

2.Not fade at High-temperature, Heatable in convection heating oven, Microwave oven, air oven and steamer. Reducing preparation time, save energy.

3.Ultra-low temperature resistance, can be frozen and refrigerated, aluminum foil has a high barrier, can effectively inhibit bacteria and extend the shelf life food.

4.Open flame heatable, not fade.

5.Cake can be baked directly. Reducing the turnaround process, which can effectively reduce the turnover loss, suitable with automatic cake production line and automatic embossing.

6.Customizable: Size, colors logo, etc.

Applications of baking cups

1.Cake: Birthday cake, French moon cakes, Cantonese moon cakes, rice cake.

2.Pastry & Dessert:
Mousse, Brownie, Muffin, Salad, Cake, Bread, Fruit tower, Fruit pie, Panna cotta, Tiramisu, Oupei La, Corian volume, German pudding, Cupcake, Cream puff, Pudding, Cheese cake, Grilled cheese, Teriyaki Fruit, Ice cream, Souffle, Plum-cake, Plumpy picts, Cheese plumpy, Layer cake, Chestnut cake, Cannoli, Egg tart, Mini pie, Mont blanc cake, Chocolate cake, Pound cake, Roll cake, Butter cake, Germany cheese cake, Puff pastry, Yogurt pudding, Piffle tart, Walnut tart, Pizza.

3.Bakery: Condensed milk bread, hand-wrapped bread, whole wheat bread, cheese bread.

4.Condiment: Caviar, foie Gras, Honey, Jams, Sauces.

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